About the Ministry

To be successful in this time of Technological advancements, churches must incorporate the Internet as a vital part of their Ministry Strategy. Internet Ministry or eMinistry expands beyond just having a Church website. eMinistry consist of effectively incorporating the Internet within the Ministry focus to assist in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally and advancing the Kingdom of God.

The problem is that the church has not adequately learned how to Minister on the Internet. There are beautiful Church websites with Flash and wonderful graphics but are they winning souls for the Kingdom of God or are they just fancy Online Advertising.

Most churches lack the expertise and/or resources to establish an effective web presence. For those Ministries that have a web presence, ‘How do we move beyond the basic website to a new Dimension of Online Ministry’?

There are a number of sites that provide excellent tools for online ministry. We often hear of the latest or coolest Internet widget such Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, GodTube, etc. But how do we effectively use these tools for Ministry?

The Purpose of the eReformation Blog

Our Purpose is to change the Internet and Advance the Kingdom of God by becoming an advocate for a new level of eMinistry by providing information on the latest Online Ministry tools and techniques.

The Vision of eReformation Blog

We are actively engaged in the Education and Training of Individuals and Ministries involved in eMinistry assisting in the incorporation of these tools into their eMinistry Strategies. Our Vision is to also Partner with other eMinistries and build a support Network for the congregation of Online Ministers (aka eMinisters).

Gemariah eMinistries

The eReformation Blog is a teaching tool created by Gemariah eMinistries.


One Response to About the Ministry

  1. pam perry says:

    You are a blessing to the Body of Christ! I added your blog to mine.

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