An IPOD Generation Church

August 10, 2008

Posted by the ‘eMinister’

The following quote is a statement that should be embraced by every Ministry.

“We must recognize that this generation is no longer the generation of the 8-Track, but of the IPod. So we must provide relevant ministry that meets the needs of our congregation.” – Dr. Walker.

As Dr. Walker’s statement suggest, the church must continue to use Ministry to meet the needs of the people.

OVerall, the Church has consistently failed to keep up with the pace of Technology as a Ministry tool. As the needs of the Church changes, the strategies used in Ministry must also change. A church that uses old methods of Ministry cannot be effective in today’s society and fails to meet the needs of this generation. Some ‘church’ folks would say, “it’s not about keeping their attention; it’s about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. My point exactly!! Meeting the needs of the people is Ministry which in turns nurtures their spirit for the Word of God and allows the Church to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Picture this: we have the Church standing on one river bank preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have the people of this generation on the other river bank attempting to listen to, hear, and understand the message. But its one-way. The Church preaches, they listen.

Technology is the tool that can bridge the gap between today’s generation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It allows the message to be two-way; interactive where the listener can become part of the message.

In the Bible, Jesus journeyed to various places of Ministry and met the people where they lived. He in a sense, carried the gospel to a place where the people could be exposed to the Truth and interact with Jesus. People want to be involved with the message.

Our Youth, Young Adults, and Older Adults have incorporated Cell Phones, the Internet, IPods, MP3 players, Video Players, E-mail, RSS Feeds, Blogs, Social Networking and other technology tools into their everyday living. As we minister to the world, we need to reach them through these present communication avenues.

This generation is looking for something more than a Sunday Morning experience. How can we, the Church, give it to them?

By embracing the devices and tools used on a daily basis by this generation and developing Ministry strategies to incorporate these devices. Making the ‘Word’ available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week will have more impact than a once a week Sunday morning experience. We live in a mobile society. Access to the Word is a crucial element in any Ministry. Being able to discuss, reply to, and interact with the Ministry is also important to this generation.

Your Ministries eStrategy should include some of the following ‘ipod’ techniques: 1) Online Audio Sermons 2) Online Video Sermons 3) PodCasting 4) RSS Feeds 5) Blogs 6) Mobi 7) Online Donations and 8) Social Networking (Twitter, MySpace, Facebook).

Each of these techniques will be address individually in future blogs.



PodCasting Made Simple

July 28, 2008

I recently came across this video posted on YouTube. It gives an Excellent explanation of one of the most Important and Useful Ministry tools available: PODCASTING.