The New Harvest: Cell Phone Ministry

August 22, 2008

by: eMinister

Luke 10:2 (NKJV) Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

According to Wikipedia, in 2007 over 798 million people around the world accessed the internet or equivalent mobile internet services such as WAP and i-Mode at least occasionally using a mobile phone rather than a personal computer.

Image having a room of over 798 million people available to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If only a small portion of these cell phone users receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, say 5%, that would be approx. 39.9 million new believers. Talk about ministering to the masses!!

But ‘how can they hear without a preacher’?

As Ministry Leaders and Evangelist, we must begin to develop eMinistry strategies for Cell Phone Ministry. Development of Cell Phone content to educate, encourage, and minister to users about the Kingdom of God and the goodness of Jesus Christ as our Savior will be the key to a successful Cell Phone Ministry.

With today’s technology, the same content that is displayed on Church Websites, Ministry Blogs, Sermon Audio and Video can now be accessed via a Cell Phone.

Whether its via a Cell Phone that has Internet access or basic SMS text, there is a message from the Church that can be communicated.

SideNote: I use my Blackberry Curve to access the Internet when I am away from my computer. I read scripture using YouVersion and watch videos on I even access my blog via my cell phone (see image above).

There are a number of tools which I will discuss in future blogs that will assist in creating Cell Phone Ministry content. Some of these tools include converting your existing website to a .mobi or Cell Phone compatible format and creating your own site specifically for Cell Phones.

There is a Harvest to be reached.

Please, please do not ignore this Harvest. As eMinisters, will be accountable for their Salvation and must make use of the eMinistry tools that God has equipped us with to Minister to this New Harvest.


Launch & Manage a Mobile version of your Church Blog or Website

August 13, 2008

MoFuse is short for Mobile Fusion.

MoFuse gives content publishers, like bloggers, the ability to publish their content to the mobile web. You don’t have to be a content publisher to use MoFuse though, anyone can create a mobile website in just a few minutes using the intuitive MoFuse platform.

Why Mobilize Your Blog?

Have you ever seen what your blog looks like on a mobile device? It’s an unnavigable, garbled mess of text and images that nobody finds enjoyable to read. That’s one reason, and it’s probably your biggest reason for finding MoFuse. However we offer a lot more than just presenting your blog on mobile devices, here are some other reasons to mobilize with MoFuse:

Make your readers happy… People want to read your blog on the go!

Get new readers… MoFuse will help to promote your mobile blog which will increase traffic.

Get going… More and more of your readers will want your content on their mobile devices!

Ministry Use

Name one person that you know that ‘doesn’t have a cell phone’. As cell phone technology continues to develop, users want access to information via their cell phones. By providing access to your Ministry Blog or Website via a cell phone, members and visitors will have 24/7 access to your Ministry.

Check out our Mofuse site: