eMinistry IS about Relationships

August 26, 2008

eMinistry for most Ministries, is a Church Website with some flash elements that contains Ministry information, Prayer Request, etc. and allows access to audio and video sermon archives. These items are great and I commend you if you ministry is involved with the use of of these items. But that is where eMinistry ends for at least 95% of all Ministries functioning in this Age of Information. The other 5% of eMinistries are ususally involved with some type of Social Networking such as MySpace, FaceBook, MyChurch in an attempt to build virtual communities.

Ministry is about Relationships. Our walk with Jesus Christ is ALL about our Relationship with him.

So the question I ask is this, ‘What have we as eMinisters done to foster online Relationships with not just our Christian Brothers & Sisters but more importantly non-Believers that do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour?’

Jesus said in Matthew 19:10, ‘For the Son of Man came to find and restore the lost’. That is one of the main reasons that we are in Ministry: to let the lost/unsaved know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It takes relationships with people to Minister to them.

As we continue to Minister on the Internet, we can save souls by becoming eMinisters that build relationships that will allow us to speak a word of Salvation to those looking for Jesus Christ online. Once they receive salvation, we need to continue to build our relationship with the newly saved to build the community and Kingdom of God.

When we use Internet Tools such as Facebook and MySpace, a focus can be the Christian community because Christians continually need to grow and receive a Word from the Lord. But our main focus in these areas are to build relationships with the non-believer. Some of you may ask how do we accomplish this on secular sites?

Remember, everyone at some point in time needs someone to talk to, ask questions about God, or advice. You would be surprised at the number of people looking for God online. We need to provide a place of Refuge, Healing and Deliverance in these social networking territories. And how do we do that, by remembering that Ministry is about Relationships.


A Vision of Internet Ministry

August 20, 2008

Check out “My Vision of Internet Ministry” by Andrew Fish, from Global OutReach Mnistries.

This video gives a good background and history of Internet Ministry. It can also be used as a great starting point for new eMinisters.