What is eReformation?

eReformation, is defined as an intensificaton, amplication, and re-direction of our existing eMinistry Strategies to induce a Spiritaul shift towards the Kingdom of God in the realms entreated by Electronic Media.

In plain English, eReformation is about moving to a greater dimension of Internet and Mobile Ministry.

How does this differ from eMinistry?

eMinistry is the use of Electronic Media for Ministry. eReformation deals with the mindset that there is a greater Dimension of Ministry required to win Souls for the Kingdom of God in the Territories covered by Electronic Media due to the Spiritual Warfare that will be encountered.

Notice that I used the words ‘Electronic Media’. eMinistry in my opinion for the majority of Ministries have been confined to the Church website. eReformation expands the mindset of the Ministry possibilites to another level by incorporating social Networking, Blogging and Mobile Content into our ongoing eMinistry Strategies.

The bible says, ‘be you transformed by the renewing of your mind’. eReformation requires a change or re-thinking of how we Minister in the Eletronic Age. As eMinisters, we have to embrace this change in our eMinistry Strategies.

There are three (3) areas of eMinistry where an eReformation is needed:

  • Christian Blogging
  • Social Networking (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Discussion Boards)
  • Mobile Ministry (PodCasting, WAP/Cell Phone Content)

At eReformation Notes, our goal is educate and equip eMinisters for this new Dimension of Electronic Age Ministry.


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